• 1 GigaWatt hour of green electricity!
    After a short dry spell, Archie is turning again and should soon hit the 1,000,000 kWh (1 GWh) mark. But when? Take a guess! Send an email to secretary@torrshydro.org with your estimate of the date, time, and a nickname under which it should be recorded. No prizes, just bragging rights! The guesses so far

  • Another landmark achieved
    Archie surpassed the 900,000 kWh mark for total power generation just before Christmas. January is generally a good month for generation and this year has proved no exception, with January 2015 jumping into Archie’s all-time Top Ten generating months at #3, with 35,708 kWh.

  • 2015 Open Days
    Saturday April 25th (after the AGM)
    Saturday May 16th (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Eco Homes Event)
    Sunday May 17th (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Eco Homes Event)
    Saturday July 4th (One World Fair)
    Saturday July 11th (Torrs Youth Festival)
    Saturday 26th September (New Mills Festival)
    All are 1-3pm. Other days may be added as and when.

  • 2015 AGM
    This will be held on Saturday April 25th at the Revival Church in New Mills. Shareholders will be sent the relevant paperwork (either via email of the regular post) a few weeks in advance.

  • New Share Issue
    A new share issue was approved at the AGM to raise funds to retire our loan and place the project on a sound financial footing. More details.

  • Gearshift Theatre
    Tim Padmore, a storyteller from Gearshift Theatre, visited Archie as part of his Giants tour. Full Story

  • Blogtastic!
    If blogs are your thing, we have a blog. Click here for the latest thoughts...

  • Archie's Tile
    Archie now has a 'virtual tile' on the New Mills School's fundraising roof. Tiles cost £5 each and anyone can buy them!

  • Community Power
    Torrs Hydro is an example of the power of communities to take action and begin to address the challenges that climate change presents to us all.   We are a community owned and community funded organisation.  For more on our community involvement click here...

  • Green Power
    Our reverse Archimedes screw turbine (known as Archie) is designed to produce around 240 000 kWh of electricity over a typical year.  This is the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of around 50 typical British homes and saves over 150 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to conventional electricity generation. And it is all fish-friendly!Watch this video about fish moving through an Archimedes screw.
     For more on our technology click here...

  • Torrs Hydro New Mills Limited
    Torrs Hydro New Mills Limited was incorporated in 2007 as an Industrial and Provident Society which operates for the benefit of the community. For more on the company click here...

  • Over 900,000 kWh and still going strong
    Archie has been producing power since September 2008. We have now passed the 900,000 kWh (900 MWh) mark.
    Read about our generating history.
Torrs Hydro and Torr Weir
  • Inspiring Artists
    Local band Blues Party have been inspired to write the song "Archie Spins Again" by the very special atmosphere of the Torrs Gorge. This recording is © and ℗ monkeyass music 2009. All rights reserved.
    Archie has been part of the inspiration for New Mills group Write Van Men to release an album called Goodbye Watford Bridge Road - further details - or listen to 'Archie' on YouTube.
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