Community Funded

In total, the scheme cost around £330 000. A community share issue raised over £125 000, with grant funding providing another £165 000. The shareholders are mostly local people and businesses plus people from further afield who wish to support renewable energy schemes.

Community Owned

Our members - around 230 shareholders - own the scheme. Our annual general meetings (AGMs), held in the Revival Church in New Mills, attract a high percentage of the shareholders keen to hear how the project has progressed over the last year and exercise their voting rights to control the company. AGMs are held each March.

Community Benefits

Each year, we hold a series of well attended open afternoons over the summer and have commenced an educational programme with local schools. This pioneering scheme has generated nationwide interest and has put New Mills on the map. Shareholders can received interest on their shares, but the majority of the profits from the scheme will fund a community grants programme.


We hope to encourage others to think about the challenges that climate changes presents us all. We have been delighted that the project has inspired a number of local artists.

The New Mills Metro

The New Mills Metro reproduced by kind permission of Chris Smith / TwentyTrees Photography of Hayfield.